Here are some things we suggest to best prepare your children:

    1. Have a children’s Bible class to teach the book of Exodus. Utilize the PowerPoint questions (provided when you pre-register) in the class to help reinforce knowledge of the books and prepare your children for multiple choice questions at the Bible Bowl. At Kittery, we use our Sunday morning children’s class to go through our Bible Bowl Book(s) each year.
    2. Provide a study book of questions to the children at your congregation. A document of the study book will be provided to all who pre-register for the event. You will just need to have them printed off. At Kittery, we provide these books to our children and have them complete chapters as we go through the Bible Bowl book each year. They turn in their books at the beginning of each Bible class for grading.
    3. Have parents quiz their children at home and encourage their children to spend time studying. It is important for parents to be involved in encouraging their children to learn and grow in their Bible knowledge.
    4. To add a little more fun and preparation for the children, another suggestion would be to have the children practice answering questions against adults in the congregation. They seem to enjoy this challenge and always feel good when they do well against the adults.



Study Materials

To access study materials, each congregation will need to pre-register. This allows us to have an idea of how many people are interested and it will give you access to the study materials. This is not a commitment to attending the Bible Bowl. All that will be required for pre-registration is your congregation’s name, a contact person, and approximately how many children are interested. We would encourage congregations to pre-register before 10/31/22 to ensure they have ample amount of time to prepare their children for the event.



Registration Deadline

We will open a registration portal on 1/1/2023. Registration will be to confirm your congregation and number of participants (with names and ages) that will be attending. Everyone must register by 3/18/23 to attend. This allows us to have 1 month to finalize all the details of teams, food, etc.



Bible Bowl Format

At the Bible Bowl, each member of a team will have a set of laminated cards with “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” on each card. The question will be asked with a PowerPoint slide of the question and answer choices on display. Each participant will show their answer to a judge for their team. Each team member will sit in a row so they cannot see the answer of any other participant. The judge for each team will sit at the front of each team row facing the team.